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"We all learnt a great deal about Farming - it helped the children to understand the idea of Farming more. A real hands on experience!"

By Reading School Year 4 teacher



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June 2022

June 2022

7 Jun 2022

It has been a busy week with school visits and camps for the...

ks2 river

River & Habitat Studies

River studies

Suitable during the summer & autumn terms.  In March the river is often too high and fast for river studies Arrive at Rushall Manor Farm (The education centre), off Back Lane SU583723, RG7 6DS. There is coach parking. Typical river day timetables can be downloaded as PDF files. Meander studies depend on whether the school requests and also whether there is enough water in the Upper Pang at the meander site.

  1. KS2 Generic rivers & pond with meander 2017
  2. KS2 Generic rivers & pond without meander 2017

The students are split into groups of 15 led by a Rushall Farm guide and then taken to the River Pang on a tractor & trailer. The Pang is a tributary of the Thames and a typical lowland chalk stream. The farm guides demonstrate both river dipping using kick nets and also measuring techniques. The students then get into waders and carry out their own study, all the children will get the opportunity to measure and dip. The main measurements are the width of the river, a depth profile & measuring flow rate by floating an orange over a set distance. All equipment such as ranging poles, tape measures, metre rules etc is provided. For measuring & dipping we generally use a site on the Lower Pang at Bradfield College. If a meander study is also required we can also take the students to a meander on a different part of the Upper Pang. In recent years any use of the Upper Pang has very much depended on river levels at any particular time. The rest of the day comprises pond dipping (allowing comparisons between the fauna of the pond and river), a water based food chain game & sweep netting. In May, June & July if a school prefers it’s possible to see the bees in the observation hive rather than sweep net.


Risk assessment all sites for school visits to Rushall Farm Sept 2019 with tractor ride



Meander sketch sheet

River creatures I.D. sheet Pond creatures I.D. sheet

KS2 measurement sheet for the Pang