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"We all learnt a great deal about Farming - it helped the children to understand the idea of Farming more. A real hands on experience!"

By Reading School Year 4 teacher



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November 2021

November 2021

22 Nov 2021

“May your word to me be fulfilled” My granddaughter S...


Farmer John’s Blogs

Farmer John’s May 2012 Blog

5 May 2012

The other day some friends came round for the evening. Just as they arrived a people carrier and car pulled up outside the house. Th ...

Farmer John’s April 2012 Blog

16 Apr 2012

I have been impressed by the long queues of people outside the Royal Academy waiting to view David Hockney’s exhibition. I have be ...

Farmer John’s March 2012 Blog

1 Mar 2012

It was the first Saturday afternoon of lambing. The shed was quiet, with just three families hanging around watching the action, which ...

Farmer John’s February 2012 Blog

1 Feb 2012

The first calf is born, and scanning shows a good lamb crop. Now our skills are needed to ensure they are born safely. Our first cal ...

Farmer John’s January 2012 Blog

1 Jan 2012

Last Friday evening I hitched a lift to Sheffield with Pete James, my son in law, who’d been recording his latest CD in Eastbourne (a ...

Farmer John’s December 2011 Blog

14 Dec 2011

In this time of rapid change there are some things that seem to be totally outside of time.

The other day ...

Farmer John’s November 2011 Blog

1 Nov 2011

The Government helps farmers to produce cheap food and look after the countryside. It is called the Higher Level Scheme. The Higher ...

Farmer John’s October 2011 Blog

1 Oct 2011

After a somewhat difficult year of farming, I have been anxious to restore my street credibility as a bona fide, focused farmer. Not a ...

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